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Bards are artists first and foremost, and they practice magic just as they practice song, drama, or poetry. They have a clear sense of how people perceive reality, so they master charm magic and some illusions. Sagas of great heroes are part of a bard’s repertoire, and most bards follow the example of many fables and become skilled in a variety of fields. A bard’s artistic ability, knowledge of lore, and arcane might are widely respected, particularly among the world’s rulers. Art and magic share a sublime beauty, and, as a bard, you seek the place where the two meet. You might be a naturally talented wanderer who casts impressive spells almost instinctively, a student of a bardic college who learned ordered systems of magic and epic poetry, a warrior skald who mixes skill at arms with thundering music, a dashing performer known for putting on a good show even for your enemies, or a perfectionist who seeks the consummate formula that blends art and magic into a higher force. A steady rhythm beats in the back of your mind as you brandish your sword. Your eyes and ears pick up the motion of the villains that surround you, and one glance tells you everything you need to know to defeat them. You whistle three staccato notes, letting your allies know the symphony of battle is about to begin.

My class is Bard! Good to know! Find out your D&D class online here!

She Designs Monsters: Puppetry Maven Alexandra Herryman

We’ve already established that you can’t write a play called SHE KILLS MONSTERS without having some pretty serious monster action. Qui Nguyen’s script is peppered with TSR’s baddest beasts – but summoning a monster on stage is a whole other ball game from writing it into a script.

Enter puppet designer Alexandra Herryman – Alexandra will draw on a wide variety of puppetry techniques to construct the baddies for the show. She was kind enough to share some of her prime sources with all of you guys:

Puppet Designer Alexandra Herryman with her three wise moon men puppets from "A Puppet Nativity."

Puppet Designer Alexandra Herryman with her three wise moon men puppets from “A Puppet Nativity.”

Nothing says “elegant shadow play” like contemporary dance ensemble PILOBOLUS. 

Farrah the Fairy might be played by a “humanette” puppet double like the ones in this music video by Sia. But can the Humanette wield a knife??

A lot of Alexandra’s puppetry training comes from the Bread and Puppet large-scale pageant puppet style.

In a theater like the Plaza at the Boston Center for the Arts where the ceilings are only 12 feet tall, one of Alexandra’s biggest challenges will be making big monsters look really big. Julie Taymor plays with scale really effectively in her 1997 stage adaptation of THE LION KING




Monstrous Manual

CHUCK: I keep her pretty busy if you know what I mean.

MILES: Doing what?

CHUCK: Fighting monsters, my man. Fighting. Monsters. 

You couldn’t go see a play called SHE KILLS MONSTERS and walk away without seeing any monsters. Fortunately for us, Qui Nguyen injects his Dungeons & Dragons-inspired Ohio fantasy world with plenty of D&D beasties to make any casual adventurer giggle with second edition delight. The majority of these creatures are referenced in the Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition Monstrous Manual, available in its entirety online. Click on the kobald to start the monster slideshow.

Welcome to Athens!

Greetings Adventurers!

Welcome to the Dramaturgy Blog for the Company One production of Qui Nguyen’s SHE KILLS MONSTERS. This blog will serve as the home for multimedia resources for audiences and members of the production teams. Prepare yourselves, adventurers, for the 90s-immersed, fantasy-a%$-kicking, puppet-populated context of this high flying adventure play!

Teens in the 90s had a lot to grieve over – unfortunately, Agnes has a lot more to cry about than Tai Frasier.