“I attack the darkness!”

Hello fellow monsters! Your friendly neighborhood DM Biggs here, and in honor of our fantastic evening of role playing the other evening, I wanted to share this skit with you… Whoa whoa whoa significant others, not THAT kind of roleplaying, THIS kind of roleplaying.

Yep, that pretty much sums up what playing Dungeons and Dragons is like with a bunch of high school aged boys, I can almost taste the entire two liters of Mountain Dew I would have drunk while playing with my buddies! Good times…

Until next time!
DM Biggs
aka Mike

10 Hours, Free!

AGNES: How did you meet someone from New York?

CHUCK: On a little thing I like to call . . . THE INTERNET! You’ve been on the internet, right?

AGNES: Yeah, we have it at work. 

CHUCK: It’s the bomb, right? I got it hooked up at my house. Top of the line. I’m talking 56 kilobits per second! If you ever want to come over and check it out . . .

Ad for 1995 home edition of America Online! Grab your kayaking buddies and enjoy!


Also . . . this.

Living in the World of SHE KILLS MONSTERS

We’re well into our first week of rehearsals in the spacious Plaza Theatre at the Boston Center for the Arts. This first week of rehearsal is all about building vocabulary: stage combat terminology and basic moves; a thorough understanding of the script and all its references; and an immersion into both the fantasy and real-world settings of the play. Director Shira Milikowsky assigned the actors a series of tasks to flesh out characters and the world of the play.

The first assignment was for each actor to bring in three objects/images that encapsulate the world of the play. Take a look at our collection!

STACKS of comic books!

STACKS of comic books!


Monsters galore


Dragons, George R.R. Martin Books and useful kerosene lanterns — X-Men cards in the back there!

SNES and FF3!

SNES and FF3!


Tilly and Agnes? Paige and Jordan? Theatrical boundaries blurring? Cute kid photos? So much going on here.

Tilly and Agnes? Paige and Jordan? Theatrical boundaries blurring? Cute kid photos? So much going on here.


Elemental Combinations!

The last two days of rehearsal our actors have been exploring the four arcane elements with fight director Robert Najarian. After experiencing the raw elements in their bodies, the actors began to imagine the elements in combination with each other. Here’s a compilation of clips from one of my older brother’s favorite video games, Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber. The spellcasters in the back each cast a raw element spell with earth, fire, lightning/air, water, holy and dark. When you put two spellcasters with different elements next to each other, they can combine their magic to create an even bigger spell.