Audience Resources

• “Geeks welcome! From gaming events to dress-up conventions to medieval reenactments, Boston’s the place to be a nerd” — a terrific article from the Boston Globe by Boston’s Resident Gaming Geek, Ethan Gilsdorf.

Nero Boston: they write, produce, cast, and run interactive theater games better known as NERO® LARPs, or Live Action Role Playing games, in the Boston MA and Worcester MA areas.

• Be Epic is a community-based not-for-profit organization aimed at the artistically creative and financially responsible creation of LARPs (live action role-playing games), to be run for set durations in collections of weekend events. Successive story arcs may or may not take place in the same game environment as the initial collection of events.

Role Playing Fellowship of Greater Boston: A meeting place for local GameMasters and Players for Role-Playing games of all types, beyond the already existing D&D/D20 group.

Boston Dungeons & Dragons: Do you enjoy playing Dungeons & Dragons? Wanna meet other cool folks who do the same? Then come on down to one of their relaxed, friendly meetups where everyone is welcome to meet others to find a great D&D game.

• Geek Out Locally: check out this list of our favorite local comics and games shops. They’re the bomb!

Geek Locally

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