Setting the World of SHE KILLS MONSTERS

CHUCK: You are standing on the sands of a mystical beachside. To one side of you is the endless ocean, on the other is an ominous dark forest. And from the distance, a hooded stranger approaches…

AGNES: If a hooded stranger approached me in real life, I would mace him. 

The characters in SHE KILLS MONSTERS, like any adventurers in a tabletop RPG, do a lot of traveling: swamps; mountains; caves; Ohio gaming stores. The sets for the show need to transform quickly, dynamically and theatrically all while maintaining an air of badassitude.

Enter set designer Erik Diaz with the first draft of his model for C1SKM!

Erik Diaz loves the Plaza Theater! And totally rearranging everything about it!

Erik Diaz loves the Plaza Theatre! And totally rearranging everything about it!

If you’ve never been to the Plaza Theater at Company One’s artistic home, the Boston Center for the Arts, it can be quite the space to work in! It features:

  • TWO immovable I-beam support columns in the middle of the stage
  • THREE-QUARTER audience seating
  • ONE proscenium-y wall/arch blocking aforementioned audience from seeing
  • HALF of the stage

So the space has some challenges.

Fortunately, Erik Diaz and our top-notch design team have the solutions. For this first draft of the set design (which could change at any moment, don’t cry if it does) C1 is shifting the audience. Instead of a 3/4 surrounding view, we’re getting rid of house left seating and using it as part of our playing area. We’ll make up additional seating on the floor in front of the Center and House Right sections.

Everything appears to be in one place . . .

Everything appears to be in one place . . .

The story begins in a nerdy-yet-normal American teenager’s room in Ohio, but is quickly invaded by fantastical monsters.

That's a lot of fan love!

That’s a lot of fan love!

The set has to be able to change, morph and reflect this shift between the two worlds. Director Shira Milikowsky keeps stressing to the creative team that “every new thing has to top the thing before it.” So each set transformation has to be more creative and exciting as the play moves forward.

What's this? The world goes deeper and deeper!

What’s this? The world goes deeper and deeper!

Stay tuned to the blog for more design renderings and updates as C1SKM moves forward!