WE WILL KILL YOUR HEADS with jazz hands!

           AGNES tosses away her sword and shield. She begins applying some lipstick. 

AGNES: Enough with all this dorky stuff. You really think you’re badasses? Then let’s finish this . . . Cheerleader style

           She sticks out her hands as Kaliope and Orcus put pom-poms into them. 

AGNES: We challenge you . . . to a dance battle.

Lightning and thunder!!!!

Dance yields +3 agility!

Dance of the wild-n-crazy bone crushers yields +3 agility!

Our actors are having a lot of fun choreographing this dance battle. Choreographer Ara Glenn-Johanson has collected an impressive selection of 80s/90s dance moves: the Maniac; the Crump; the Vogue; the Macarena.

Here are some video references for your nostagianjoyment.

That was your head!

That was your head!

Happy dance!

Happy dance!

(Shira wants it known that she loves Madonna).

We're gonna dance and you're gonna like it!

We’re gonna dance and you’re gonna like it!