“And My Axe!”

LILITH: Tillius, as always you have my blade.

KALIOPE: And mine.

ORCUS: Seriously, I’m totally fine with just chillin’ –

thunder . . . Thunder . . . THUNDERCATS – HOOOOOO!

KALIOPE: Why are you dressed so strangely?

AGNES: I’M dressed strangely? You do know you look like a Thundercat, right?

THUNDERCATS! Thundercats is an American-made Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Adventure/Alien Cat show that ran for four seasons from 1985-1989. This show’s got everything: Mummy Cats! Cats with Swords! Snarf Cats! Thunder Cats!

Most likely, Agnes is referring to the official Thundercats sex symbol, Cheetara. You can read more about her on the Thundercats Wiki (which exists).

Cheetara is ready for battle!

Cheetara is ready for battle!

Hansen, Usher and other VH1-worthy celebs crush on Cheetara on the above episode of I LOVE THE 80s STRIKES BACK (27:21)

Fans love Cheetara cosplay!

Fans love wholesome Cheetara cosplay!