Lights come up on TILLY EVANS, a teenage girl decked out in full leathery D&D fantasy armor with a cool- ass sword in hand. She is surrounded by a horde of Kobalds (goblin-like creatures).

Suddenly they attack!

TILLY quickly slays each of the monsters with grace and efficiency. 


Intense puppeturgy going on in rehearsal today; while working on movement for the Kobalds that attack Tilly in the first scene, fight director Robert Najarian pulled an epic point of reference for their bouncing. The Gummi Bears. Enjoy.


The first two minutes of the 2011 “Advanced Dungeons & Dragons” episode of COMMUNITY. According to Qui, this was a major inspiration point in the generation of the play. You have to pay to see the full episode, but you can already get a sense of what’s going on by the small sections available free online.

Monstrous Manual

CHUCK: I keep her pretty busy if you know what I mean.

MILES: Doing what?

CHUCK: Fighting monsters, my man. Fighting. Monsters. 

You couldn’t go see a play called SHE KILLS MONSTERS and walk away without seeing any monsters. Fortunately for us, Qui Nguyen injects his Dungeons & Dragons-inspired Ohio fantasy world with plenty of D&D beasties to make any casual adventurer giggle with second edition delight. The majority of these creatures are referenced in the Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition Monstrous Manual, available in its entirety online. Click on the kobald to start the monster slideshow.